A Bold Partnership: Meet Zulubow!

Custom QG Zulubow Ties

Custom QG Zulubow Ties

You are sophisticated, you are charismatic, you are dapper, but most importantly: You are BOLD. We have partnered with Zulubow, a local fashion company, to bring you some of the most unique ties on the market.

The young company, founded by Nyakeh Koroma, is based in Baltimore. Nyakeh skillfully crafts Zulubow ties himself, using African-inspired patterns and fabrics. Each tie is a little different, just like it’s wearer. The ties are made with the hope to inspire those wearing them to feel like warriors. They are powerful and bold, ready to make a statement. 

Zulubow is also a charitable company, as 3% of their profits are donated to United Through Football. “My passion for United Through Football derives from my childhood. I grew up playing soccer barefoot without shoes, socks or jerseys. United Through Football provides soccer equipment, jerseys, football cleats, water bottles, and solar powered lights to local villages, for children in third world countries. I want to be a solution to the problems I encountered as a young man growing up.” Nyakeh told us.

Our custom clothier, Ronald, has been working closely with Nyakeh to design the first three ties of the QG Zulubow Collection. Needless to say we are thrilled with this new partnership and are excited to introduce you to your newest wardrobe addition!