Mount Royal Soaps

Mount Royal Soaps


Black & Tan Made with activated charcoal and genuine kaolin clay, this soap is sure to clean out those pores. We've used a blend of peppermint, cinnamon, clove, and wintergreen essential oils to give this bar a spicy/cool scent and feel - perfect to reinvigorate your mind and your muscles.

Good God Lemon We blend Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Patchouli essential oils to create a scent that is citrusy, herbal, slightly sweet, and wholly unique. The smell will energize your skin and spirit, while the essential oils themselves are said to have clarifying and toning properties. This bar is also chock-full of calendula petals, so you can take a bit of the garden with you each time you bathe.

Lavender Leche (Lavender & Coconut Milk) Lavender and rosemary essential oils calm your spirit while milk soothes and conditions your skin.  Shea butter and Vitamin E rich Avocado oil soften and protect.  Alkanet infused Olive Oil give this soap it's gentle, lavender colored swirl, and can sooth itchy skin.  This soap’s lather is so creamy and luxurious you won’t want to rinse it off.  We paired the calming effects of lavender essential oil with milk’s comforting, reparative properties to make a soap that’s perfect for when you need a relaxing shower.

Rise & Grind (Exfoliating Coffee Soap) This bar has a delicious espresso aroma with slight hints of chocolate from the cocoa powder we use to color it, but don't let its scrumptious appearance fool you - this bar will wake you up and clean you off!

The Clean Bohemian (Natty Boh Beer Soap) From the land of pleasant living comes this beer soap made from Baltimore's favorite beverage. In fact, we think Natty Boh' might even be better served in a bar of soap than at the neighborhood bar.

Pumpkin Seasonal Soap for Fall 2017

The Wine Bar We removed the alcohol from the red wine we use as the base for this soap, but we left in all the antioxidants to keep your skin ever fair and ever young! For this bar, we paired a feast of six nourishing butters and oils with a delicate neroli scent and finished it off with a Midas touch.

Bird City We mixed up an essential oil blend of Sweet Basil, Spearmint, and Cedarwood that smells like a bunch of Louisville Sluggers laying out in the sun on a field of fresh cut Kentucky Blue.






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