Chicago Candle Co.

Chicago Candle Co.


Gin and Rosemary The crisp scent of pine with a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Smoked Cognac Full bodied scent with notes of cedar and cognac.

Barrel Aged Bourbon The aroma of oak barrel bourbon that brings to mind warm and comforting notes of leather.

Backwoods Cider Mulled apple cider with hints of pear.

Whiskey and Sweet Tobacco Tennessee Whiskey paired with the enticing essence of tobacco and oak.

Winter Spiced Wine The rich scent of spiced wine steeped with soothing notes of cinnamon and nutmeg

Norwegian Forest Cocktail A fresh mix of berries, rosemary and lime.

Irish Coffee Stout An appetizing blend of rich flavorful stout and cinnamon with subtle but distinct coffee notes.

Spiked Latte Roasted expresso with cinnamon and a dash of hazelnut.



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