Hennessy Paradis Imperial


The Brand

Hennessy is the best-selling cognac in the United States and around the world.  It has been run by the Hennessy family for eight generations in coordination with seven generations of the Fillioux family of master blenders.  It is blended using eaux-de- vie from Cognac’s top four regions, and each batch of wine is double-distilled to achieve the most flavorful, elegant eaux-de- vie possible.


Paradis Imperial

Hennessy Paradis Impérial is the product of 250 years of excellent craftsmanship by seven generations of Master Blenders from the Fillioux family. Of the 10,000 eaux-de-vie tasted each year, the Master Blender and the Tasting Committee observed that on average only ten of the very finest eaux-de-vie are eligible to become part of the Hennessy Paradis Impérial blend.



Notes include the floral freshness of jasmine and orange blossom, blended with the subtle herbal notes of freshly cut grass. The floral notes return on the palate unremittingly, continually revealing new tones of expression. A fine, light structure, the floral notes of the bouquet are also present in the flavor, tinged with a smoky, spicy accent that leads into a subtle persistence and an extraordinary long finish.

Hennessy Paradis Imperial Tasting

Please join Craig Martin and Zac McDaniels for March Madness on Thursday March 15th at 7pm featuring a pairing you do not want to miss. We will be featuring one of the rarest most prestigious spirits available, Hennessy Paradis Imperial. Each guest will receive a tasting with a white glove presentation, in addition to a welcome punch, and LH premium cigar and Vieux Carre pairing to close out the evening. March Madness 1st round will be on in the lounge and appetizers are included.  

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