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Here at the QG, we value customer feedback; we love to know how our customers view us–and the work we are doing. We feel it helps us improve your experience and our shop as a whole.

Recently, the QG has been going through a lot of changes. We now have a retail store on the 5th Floor. With the retail shop now upstairs, we are moving our downstairs non-grooming products to the 5th Floor. This is creating more space for new grooming and skin products on the first floor. One of the new products we are interested in is for beard care.

More and more of our clients (and us) are starting to grow out our beards. We have found a few products that we really like, but we want your input:

  • Are there any beard products that you feel are a “must have” at the QG?
  • What are some of the things you may be looking for in a beard grooming product?
  • Was there ever a product that you have used that you thought, “Man I wish the QG had this product.”

We want to make your beard look and feel as great as you do. Please let us know what your thoughts are and how we can make your beard growing experience a little more awesome.


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