The Modern Pompadour: Disconnected Haircut with a Straight Razor Part

The Beginning:

A classic and versatile hairstyle, the pompadour has been in the men’s hairstyle scene since the 1950’s but has just recently been making a major comeback. This time with a little more edge and a lot less hair.

The pompadour of our forefathers, made most famous by celebrities like Elvis Presley and James Dean in the 50’s, increased its popularity throughout the rest of the 20th century and into the 21st.

Elvis rocked a full pompadour on top, sides and in the back
The Original Pompadour Style


Until recently, and in most hairstyles, there has been a more gradual transition from the longer parts of the hair to the shorter ones, creating a blended and smooth look.  The trend seems to be the opposite now.

Disconnected Revolution:

Starting with James Dean, the pompadour began to lose the length on the sides, back, and around the ears, going towards a more tapered look, which was the opposite of the preceding longer, combed-back style.

Dean with a more tapered pomp
Dean With a More Tapered Pomp


As time went on, the sides and back became shorter.  Today the two are completely disconnected.

A disconnected haircut is when the sides, or one side, is cut close and high, up to the part and often has a shaved in part to separate the top from the sides.  The Pompadour is still just as popular with celebrities today as it was back in the 50’s.  To use current events, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal’s national soccer team is the perfect example of celebrities donning this style.


How it’s Done:

The hair is parted to one side and shaved up to the part on the opposite side.  On the side that the hair falls on, there is a more classic taper to blend the overlapping hair into the shorter hair.  Sometimes there is a slight taper up to the part on the disconnected side, but a true disconnected haircut takes a single short guard all the way up to the part.

Shaving the part in with a straight razor creates a clean and distinct separation of the shorter and longer hair.  It makes it easier to style but does require regular maintenance from your barber or stylist.  We recommend styling product that will have medium to strong hold properties like Baxter’s Hard Water Pomade for a shiny or more wet finish or Crew’s Ultramatte for a dry or matte look.  Additionally having a good comb made of high quality cellulose will make styling easier.

Here, owner Craig Martin, is getting his part shaved in with a straight razor by our newest grooming specialist, Alex Simo.
Here, owner Craig is getting his part shaved with a straight razor by our newest grooming specialist, Alex Simo.


If you’re interested in rockin’ this look, simply click here to make an appointment and ask for the disconnected pomp with straight razor part.


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