The Modern Gentleman’s Haircut

Here at the QG, we decided to dedicate one of our blogs to a recent hairstyle trend that has been gaining momentum in the last couple of years. There is no defined name for this haircut. Some people call it the “Don Draper” others “The Gentleman’s Cut,” or even the “Swoop Over.” We try not to define it either, because we like to look at each of our client’s haircuts as individual and unique. For the sake of conversation, we will refer to it in the rest of this post as “The Modern Gentleman’s Cut.”

The Modern Gentleman’s Cut does not have a defined history. The side part, a major detail of the hairstyle, was popularized in the 1920s by actor Rudolph Valentino. The second defining aspect of the hair cut was made popular in the 50s and 60s, which gave it a more modern edge–thanks to actors like James Dean and Elvis Presley. Often referred to as the Pompadour, Dean and Presley wore their hair shorter on the sides and longer up top.

30965_Valentino-RudolphJames DeanElvis

Today’s gentleman’s cut borrows from both of these classic hairstyles. We still see variations in the cut from celebrities like Jon Hamm and David Beckham.


The common trait of all these hairstyles is the usage of product. We recommend something with both a high shine and high hold. Here are a few of our products that we recommend to achieve this style: Crew Forming Cream, Crew Grooming Cream, Baxter Hard Water Pomade, and Truefitt & Hill Pomade.

Here’s to helping you look and feel your best in the New Year.




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