Surviving #Jonas: From Snow Shoveling to Muscle Relief

This time of year can bring about sore muscles for a variety of reasons – a New Year’s resolution to start lifting weights, training for a spring race or even the necessary task of shoveling snow. A common misconception is that the soreness is a result from a build up/release of lactic acid in the muscles. The production of lactic acid when glucose is broken down and oxidized actually helps ease your muscles’ mid-workout burn.

If not lactic acid, then what causes the muscles to “burn” after strenuous activity? Vigorous exercise can lead to tiny tears in the muscle fibers which will result in the inflammation that causes muscle soreness. Muscles will repair bigger and stronger and taking an over the counter pain reliever can bring quick and temporary relief; eventually leading to a slower and less effective recovery.

When combating muscle pain and soreness, we recommend gentle stretching and massage. Aside from simply feeling good, massage has been proven to reduce cytokines, the cause of muscle inflammation, and stimulate mitochondria, which is essential for cell growth and repair. Through different techniques, Massage Therapy can bring relief to aching muscles. Our therapists at QG can administer the right combination of light circular motions to soothe and relax with kneading to increase blood flow and promote healing. Along with gentle stretching, proper hydration and rest will provide the relief from inflamed muscles that you’ve been searching for.

As part of our QG10 Celebration for the month of January, enjoy a complimentary Aromatherapy or Hot Stone Add-on with any massage. Visit our QG10 page for more information.


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