Shaving Before and After: What Are You Doing?

Here at the QG, we are serious about shaving.  We believe your shave shouldn’t be a daily chore; rather, we look at it as a daily ritual, one to be enjoyed and properly executed.

Just as important as the actual shave is the steps you take before and after.  We call this the “warm up” and “cool down” process. The best way for us to explain this process is to walk you through a properly preformed shave:

  • The warm up process: The best way to do this is to place a hot towel on your face. It will begin to open up the individual pours that your hair is in.  After placing the towel on your face for a few moments, remove the towel.  Next, add a pre-shave oil.  Pre-shave oil provides a lube over the beard.  This helps the blade run smoothly across the face.  We suggest the Truefitt and Hill pre-shave oil. It doesn’t take very much.  About a pea size drop of the oil in your palm.  Massage the oil in a circular motion on the face.  Next add a shaving cream on top of the existing pre-shave oil.  One of our favorite shaving creams to use is the “Truefitt and Hill Ultimate Comfort” shaving cream
  • Shave: Once you’ve massaged a layer of oil and shave cream all over the beard begin the shave on the right side of the face shaving with the grain.  A good safety razor will do the trick.
  • The cool down process: Remove all the excess hair and shaving cream from the face with some with warm water. When the face is clean then apply a moisturizing after-shave.  We recommend our “Baxter of California Aftershave Balm”.  Apply a generous amount all of the shaved area. You will begin to feel it sooth the skin. Lastly, place a cloth underneath cold running water for a few moments.  When the towel is completely saturated with cold water, place the towel over the previously shaved areas of the face.  The cold towel will help get rid of any irritation and will close the pours helping make sure no bacteria is getting into the newly shaved skin.

Following these simple steps before and after will greatly help you reduce any facial irritation after shaving.  We hope these few tips help make your shaving ritual better.  If you ever have any shaving questions please feel free either call us or stop by the shop.  Like we said before we take shaving serious at The QG.



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