QG’s Smathers & Branson 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Smathers & Branson has created a hand crafted needlepoint phenomena.  Although for some the highly difficult hand making process is not worth the premium, holiday or gift shoppers tend to see the value especially when the gift receiver has a connection to the quality and on top of that the personalization to their lifestyle, college/university or professional sports team.

QG thinks the 2014 new designs are exciting and perfect for this holiday season.  Here are just a few of our favorite Smathers and Branson needlepoint key fobs, flasks, wallets, coasters, hats and belts.

Christmas Sweater Wallet, Flask or Belt.  Right up their with the keyboard tie and parachute pants, the Christmas sweater may be inducted to fashion’s hall of shame, but Smathers & Branson’s design seems nostalgic and hilarious at the same time. db_file_img_4604_800x600_grandeThe Ski Tricks belt, flask, coasters, fob, and hat.  Skiing only last for a few months but as the quote from Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation says, “That’s the gift that gives all year long”.  Not quite the jelly of the month club but close.
SB-skitricks_grande Raw Bar Belt.  This belt is making us hungry.  Let’s move on to the next please.

SB-rawbar_grandeCollege belt. With all of the studying college students do today, it is helpful for them to have a belt that reminds them of what activities are available to them on with what little free time they have.


SB-college_grandeMoose Needlepoint Wallet and Flask.  If you can’t get one of these for your wall, you should at least have one for you back pocket or coat.

db_file_img_4589_800x600_grandeBeach Trucks Belt. This is a collection of trucks that would be in QG’s dream garage, but for now we will settle for it around our waist.db_file_img_4366_800x600

Old Glory Wallet, Flask, Coasters and Belt.  This is just fun and of course patriotic too boot. db_file_img_3889_800x600_grande

Patchwork Crab Belt and Key Fob.  Maryland loves their crabs and it is QG’s job to find more cool ways to deliver them especially since they are getting more and more expensive to eat.


Lastly from this fall’s Smathers & Branson latest styles, is the prior mentioned movie and Flask, Christmas Vacation.

db_file_img_4586_800x600Now if none of these strike your fancy, Smathers & Branson has a whole collection of traditional and former collections, collegiate, NHL, and MLB.  Being in Baltimore, we are particularly fond of our AL Division Champ Orioles, but yes we also carry our rivals, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.


All of these items are currently in limited stock and can be purchased online with the links provided or on our 5th floor retail store.  It is important to remember that when purchasing belts, add two inches to your or the recipient’s current waist size in order to select the correct sizing for their needlepoint belts. Have a question, feel free to call us at 410-685-7428 or email us at hello@theqg.com.

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