QG Guide to Movember/No-Shave-November

Whether you rock the handlebar ‘stache or you’re working on a full beard, November is our favorite time of the year!

We at the QG embrace the idea that growing a beard or mustache can not only enhance your look, but also raise funds and awareness for men’s health. From the initial straight razor shave to beard trims and at home maintenance – we are your one-stop-shop to tame your Tom Hanks Cast Away mane and leave you with an effortless, envy-worthy beard.

Be beard ready with a few tricks from the experts.

Choose Your Style
Stubble, scruff, goatees, and mutton chops… everyone has their own style. Consider what works with the shape of your face; choose one and choose wisely. You will be living with this new accessory for some time.

Learn How To Maintain
Don’t loose focus. You made a goal – now stick to it! Initially your face will be itchy as your freshly shaven beard hairs decide to make their appearance on the outside of your epidermis. Use Baxter Facial Scrub or get the Classic Barber Experience at this stage to help exfoliate in the absence of your blade.

Once you start to fill in a bit (be patient, it will happen), there is some crucial up keep that is needed before your beard goes terminal. Don’t get too excited with that razor – most of those hairs deserve to be there! Trimming the neckline, upper cheeks, and mustache lip are necessary to keep your boss from kicking you out of your next sales meeting.

  • Trim the neckline only to where the head meets the neck
  • Take out the few stragglers on your cheeks, but don’t go lower than the bottom of your nose.
  • To have more control over what you’re removing, use scissors to trim the ‘stache.

If you’re not sure how or are having trouble, ditch the at home maintenance and let us take care of it for you. From trims to outlines, and even exfoliating, we’re here for you.

Be Beard Proud!
You will experience an uptick in the amount of people that notice your new look. Let them know why you’re growing it out and how they can help too! Hey – you can even get a group together to support each other along the way. Like our group from the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults – you can set up a fundraising page and then bring the crew in to start with a Straight Razor Shave or shave it all off at the end of the month. Call us at 410.685.7428 to bring your group in!


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