Pre and Post Marathon Massage


The Baltimore Running Festival, now in it’s 15th year, is a cornerstone Baltimore event as we transition from Summer into Autumn. Whether you are a seasoned runner traveling from across the country or a you are running the race for the first time, incorporating massage therapy into your training regiment will keep your muscles performing at their peak – leading to, during and after the race.  Our massage therapists at QG got together to answer some of the more common questions when considering massage as an addition to your wellness routine. 


Regular training can lead to muscle fatigue, soreness, inflexible joints, and stiffness.  A regular massage regimen is not only beneficial as a runner, but as a way to generally maintain your body on a regular basis to prevent injury or discomfort. The benefits of massage as a runner is that the application of moving pressure to muscles and other tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and fascia helps to soften these tissues and makes clenched muscles relax while removing adhesions between fascia and muscles. That’s especially great news for runners, who rely on limber joints and muscles for pain-free peak performance. 

Pre Marathon Massage: When and What Type?

If you currently don’t incorporate massage into your training regimen, thirty-six hours prior to your race or Wednesday the 14thwould be the optimal time for your pre-event massage. For the best results, we suggest a massage with lighter pressure known as a Swedish style massage; using long strokes to help relieve stress and tension and promote blood flow without damaging the muscles. If you are coming off a hard week of training, a Swedish style massage can help you re-energize, relax, and build your confidence in your ability to run your best. Light stretching of your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves is recommended after such massages since the muscle tissue will be relaxed, warmed up and more flexible at this time.

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Post Marathon Massage: When and What Type?

By the time you have completed the marathon, your muscles are likely to have sustained significant stress. The goal of a post-race massage will to help improve the circulation throughout the leg muscles and gentle stretching to increase their range of motion. According to an article in Runner’s World, studies found that massage after exercise reduced the intensity of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)—that is, the peg-legged feeling you get two days after your marathon. With that in mind, a post massage within two days of a race can help aid the recovery process with focused, light rolling pressure and targeted stretching.

Our therapists at QG are very versatile in their techniques and can design a massage regimen tailored to your individual needs pre and post race. We are looking forward to being part of your successful race and can help build a monthly regimen into your workout routine. Ask about our Membership rates, with massages starting at $65/month.


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