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So after much confusion, I had to officially put a stop to the rumors of QG’s 6th floor arcade and putt-putt course.  Although we did receive quite a bit of excitement for the idea (especially go carts in the basement), we also received much criticism of my decision making.  I was expecting the tongue and cheek nature of the post as well as the posting date to bail us out of any confusion, but when family members almost staged an intervention, it was time to set the record straight.   We are still going forward with a speak easy on the 6th.  More details will hopefully come sooner than later.

Here is what we posted for last year’s April Fool’s, if you did not catch it the first time around: 2014’s April 1st post

If you see a post that I am opening a new venture next year, please check the date.

Cheers, Craig

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