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Here at the QG we cultivate a culture of giving back. We hold events every year to to support the community here in the Baltimore area. When we found out that one of our very on staff was looking to travel to the other side of the world to assist those in need, we wanted to help out any way we could.

Ken has worked here for nearly 6 years now and has become a fixture here at the QG. In the last year, Ken has started getting involved in charitable work. He recently spoke to us about his work on a project that hits close to home, a project for Habitat For Humanity in Vietnam.  Ken’s mother immigrated here from Vietnam, before he was born, and he has never made it to the country. Now, he has a chance to visit and do some great work for the people in Vietnam that will have a lasting impact for some needy people. Recently, we sat down with Ken to have a chat with him about it. Here is how it went

QG: So, what exactly will you be doing on your trip?

Ken:  I am going to Vietnam to work with Habitat for Humanity Vietnam. We will be helping build homes and improve the infrastructure in poverty stricken areas of Vietnam.

QG:  When is this trip taking place and how many people are you going with?

Ken:  The trip will be November 29th through December 8th. I am part of a team of 12 people going.

QG:  What is your inspiration for doing this project?

Ken:  Well, last Thanksgiving I wanted to get involved in a charitable project and my church was doing a Thanksgiving box project. I had to buy a Thanksgiving meal ,box it and deliver it to a family in need. It was a great experience and this year I decided I wanted to find another project.  Obviously, this project grabbed my attention being that it is in Vietnam. Not only will I get to help out other people like before, I will also get the opportunity to travel to where my mother is from. If I could choose one place in the world to visit and help out, this would be the obvious choice.

QG:  What exactly does donating do for this project?

Ken:  This money will go towards buying building supplies, our hotel stays and food.  I also want to raise money for my flight.  Any donation will help and will be greatly appreciated.

The QG values the hard work of people like Ken, doing what he can to assist people anywhere it may be. We are proud to see that Ken has made a commitment to volunteer his time and invest some sweat into a truly good cause. If you’d like to learn more about Ken’s project and possibly make a donation, feel free to check out his project link:





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