New Year, New Feet

The holidays are over and we’re entering the New Year with a new attitude and a new approach to a better lifestyle. Many of us are guilty of using New Year resolutions as motivation to lead healthier lives. However, once people do decide to start taking care of their bodies, the last thing they think about is getting a pedicure.

Hearing people explain why they don’t get pedicures in the winter is like toenails on chalkboard for nail techs. Sure, it’s been a cold start to the New Year, and boot season is in high gear – so, it makes sense that having nicely groomed feet becomes less of a priority. But just because we aren’t flashing our piggies doesn’t mean we should be neglecting them either. Here are 5 reasons on why its important to get pedicures in the winter.

  1. IT PROVIDES EARLY DETECTION OF NAIL OR FOOT PROBLEMS: Nail techs know best. They’re able to locate certain signs of health issues just by looking at your feet – from cancerous skin cells to toenail fungi to even diabetes. There are stories out there of clients who sought medical attention after their nail technician expressed concerns about their feet. Who knows? Your nail tech just might save your life.
  2. IT REMOVES DEAD SKIN CELLS: You know it’s bad when your feet exfoliate themselves just by rubbing them together. You don’t want to spark a fire, so just ask your nail tech to scrub those pesky calluses down with a pumice stone. A paraffin bath works wonders for cracked heels, locking in moisture while conditioning the skin and leaving you with a pair of brand new feet.
  3. IT PREVENTS INGROWN NAILS: Cold weather plays a major role in dryness of the nail, causing splitting and breaking. Additionally, brittle nails may sometimes lead to ingrown toenails, which can be extremely painful. Consistent trimming and filing of the nail will prevent this from happening so you can exercise in those tennis shoes with comfort.
  4. IT IMPROVES LYMPHATIC AND BLOOD FLOOD: It’s safe to say that one of the best parts of a pedicure is getting a massage. Not only does it feel good to have someone rub your feet and legs, it also loosens your muscles, helps with joint stiffness, and gets the blood circulating – all beneficial to the body’s overall health.
  5. IT OFFERS STRESS RELIEF: It’s a no-brainer that getting pedicures is one of the most relaxing things to do. Going to the spa to escape from work and responsibilities, especially when the weather is gloomy, will improve both your physical and mental health. Now, get your feet out of the Red Wing boots and get them soaking in a warm, bubbly tub of water ASAP.

So, whether you’re on the trendiest juice cleanse or signing up for every yoga class in the city, please make sure to include a pedicure into your schedule. After all, 2016 for you should be the year of good health and good-looking feet.

As part of our QG10 Celebration, for the month of January, enjoy a complimentary Keratin Hand Treatment with any Executive or Paraffin Pedicure. Visit our QG10 page for more information.


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