Lotion: The finishing touch to your skins’ care

Have you ever washed your face, only to feel as though your skin is just ok; felt a wrinkle on your skin as it tightens up. Your skin is trying to tell you something, “You’re not done with me yet.”  When skin is cleansed a lotion must always be applied no matter what your skin type. Using the right lotion helps seal in the skins moisture and maintains a healthy balance.

Here at the QG it’s a common concern from our clients that lotions will just add unnecessary oil to their skin leaving them with “grease face.” That’s only the case if the wrong type of lotion is being used or not used at all.

The main function of our skin is to act as a barrier to the environment, protecting us from any foreign invaders. Healthy skin is comprised of a balance between oil and water. During the cleansing step the skin is stripped of all dirt and oils, rendering the skin susceptible to pollutants and bacteria causing an imbalance.  Would you go to the dentist for a cleaning expecting great results without brushing your teeth at home? I didn’t think so.

Choosing the right lotion for your skin:

If you have oily or combination skin choose a product that is oil free. Test the consistency to see if it feels lightweight on the skin and absorbs quickly.

If you have dry skin a medium to thick consistency will add needed moisture and help to improve the texture.

Simply applying the right lotion will help improve the overall health of your skin and it will thank you by staying youthful longer. Click here to schedule an appointment for a skin treatment with a QG esthetician.


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