Get your face and skin in shape for Fall

It’s that time of year ladies and gentleman! Fall is officially here! As we all know, as the weather changes, so does our skin.  Fall is a time for transitioning your summertime skincare routine to the best autumn skin care regimen. Cooler climates can cause your skin to become more dry, flaky, and itchy. As humidity decreases, your skin loses moisture as well, especially those more prone to skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Incorporating a fall skincare regimen can also help correct any summer skin damage and get your skin looking and feeling great.

So.. let’s get started!

Starting a good and healthy skincare regimen for the season change does not mean that you have to switch your entire skincare routine, you just may have to swap some of the products that you are using now to more moisturizing creams, gentle cleansers, and using a hydration booster such as a toner.

Some tips and tricks to getting your skin in tip top shape for fall weather are:

  • Make sure to hydrate: you always want to make sure that you stay hydrated to maintain on keeping your skin soft, keep it’s firmness, and stay glowing! Using a toner or adding a serum to your daily regimen can help your skin retain hydration so it’s important to drink your 8 glasses of water daily!

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  • Use an SPF: making sure that you wear a SPF on a daily basis is extremely important, even as the season changes. Most may think that because summertime is over, we can ditch the sunscreen, wrong! You ALWAYS want to make sure that you are wearing an SPF, even on a cloudy or overcast day. Sun damage can occur at any season of the year so make sure to add an SPF to your skincare regimen to keep that gorgeous glow!

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  • Protect Your Lips: moisturizing and protecting your lips will not only make them look and feel good, but they will be smooth enough to kiss! Let’s be honest, no one likes to have chapped, dry lips, they can become painful and start to flake. Making sure to always keep your lips exfoliated and moisturized during the cooler weather seasons is a must! ( Fun little tip: brush your lips with a dry toothbrush to help exfoliate & follow up with a moisturizing lip balm or lip repair!

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Hope that some of these tips help you in your new skin care line up and if you are unsure and have any questions, or if you want to come in for a treatment with one of our Dermalogica certified Estheticians, stop in at The QG and come see us!


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