Baltimore Business Journal Features QG

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Business Journal featured QG’s progression from an upscale barbershop to a “Classic Department Store.” I want to thank my clients/friends that sent very kind notes of congratulations for the press and making this huge and maybe crazy step forward. I especially want to thank those of you who have been clients since the very beginning, who are still with me today and have physically seen QG make this transformation.  If you haven’t read it, please enjoy: QG Tranforms into Department Store

I thought the piece was very well done and did a great job of capturing my vision (Thanks Kevin), but there are two corrections that need to be made:  Our retail expansion is on the 5th floor, not the 4th, and  I was also quoted that Nordstroms in NYC (I said San Francisco) has a service and retail model, even though Nordstroms does not have a location there.

Gitman Shirts and Ties made in the USA
Gitman Bros. Shirts and Ties made in the USA


Additionally we got news today from the BBJ’s weekend edition: Top stories of the week that we are third most read.  Unfortunately, Under Armour was featuring new uniforms for the Olympics and everyone digs cars. It is very reassuring to see that at least people are interested in this new concept. Thank you all for your patronage. Here is to the future!

Cheers, Craig

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