A little barber lingo

Getting what you want while in the barber chair can be a bit daunting. You may feel put on the spot and have a hard time conveying what you are looking for. So, we would like to take you through the experience, “behind the barber chair,” and explain a few terms for getting the look you want. Here we will take some time with an “undercut style” and explain the lingo

Here is a classic example of an undercut.


When first sitting in the chair take some time to speak to your barber about how long it has been since your last haircut. This does not necessarily mean “to the exact date” per say, but around the nearest week would help quite a lot if you have this style and are looking freshen it up. If you are starting from scratch here are a few terms to keep in mind.

First explain that you are looking for an undercut style. Saying something like “I would like the sides to be high and tight”, tells the barber that you would like your hair to be short and blended closer to the top of you crown area. You may hear something like “military tight?” or “military high?” this is how the barber gauges how short on the sides and how high ,meaning how high up the sides of the head you would like to go. At this juncture you may also hear numbers like 0, 1/2, 1, 1 1/2. the closer to zero the closer to skin get. This is very important as barbers can always go shorter but not the reverse.

After getting that across lets explain how to ask what you want for the top. You may want to style your hair “slicked back”, “combed to the side”, “up in the front”, or really any way you would like.┬áHere in this example above, we see the hair combed up and to the sides. It is important to consult with the barber on how long you would like your hair on top, he or she could inform you of a better way to style your hair.

The last but not least explain how you would like your side burns. If you would like them squared closer to the bottom of your ear or have them short, closer to the top of your ear. In this picture we see that the side burns blend right into the beard.

We hope that this clears up the air about a few things when it comes to sitting in the barber chair. We would love to hear more of what you want at the QG. Isn’t it time to get what you want, because you’ve earned it?


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