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Men are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of having well groomed nails and hands. A handshake can say a lot. To a businessman, a well-groomed presentation is essential. Booking your professional manicure every 2 – 3 weeks will prevent hangnails, keep the cuticles healthy and help strengthen the nails.

Taking care of your hands at home can also play a big role. “They are exposed to sunlight, extreme temperatures, and a lot of wear and tear,” says Nelson Lee Novick, a clinical professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, in New York City. By age 30 skin-cell production decreases by 10 percent, making your skin less efficient at repairing itself. We recommend Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer, which is a non-greasy formula that helps heal and soothe dry, chapped cracked hands. If you suffer only from dry cuticles, you can try OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go, which has a thick gel formula for easy, non-drip usage on the go; It hydrates and soothes with vitamin E plus nourishing avocado, sunflower, sesame, and kukui nut oils.

Step 1: Consultation!

Step 2: Trim and file the nail plate

Step 3: Apply Cuticle remover and soak in warm water

Step 4: Push back cuticles and clip away dead cuticles and dead tags

Step 5: Clean under nail plate

Step 6: Buff down sharp edges

Step 7: Massage and hot towels

Step 8: Buff the nails with a high shine abrasive buffer or just keep natural

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